What we do

Sales-driving solutions

  • Private label credit card
  • Co-brand credit card

With nearly 34 million active cardholders, Alliance Data Retail Services is the premier partner in the private label credit industry. Our client roster is filled with some of the country’s most iconic brands who trust our branded credit programs to maximize sales.

Commercial Credit Card

The techniques may be different, but the goal is the same: to provide commercial customers with more reasons to purchase,and purchase more often with you.

Our sweet spot.
It’s right there in our name: Retail Services. It’s in our DNA. It’s the core of our success and what gives us roots as we grow into strategic new markets and industries.

With more than 25 years in the private label credit industry, we have continuously proven that we drive sales for our partners. The success of our programs is a direct result of our storied retail heritage – we understand customers and know exactly how to deepen brand engagement and motivate them to purchase.

So how do we do it?
Alliance Data has a proven record for managing highly successful private label credit programs. Our client partners benefit from:

• Best-in-class marketing: lifecycle strategy based on analytics, segmentation, and constant test-and-learn methodologies

• Cutting-edge account acquisition technology: real-time prescreen capabilities in-store and online

• White-glove customer care: Alliance Data’s Customer Care Centers are consistently the highest ranked in our industry; all customer-facing communications are conducted by onshore associates

• Proprietary underwriting: designed to optimize approval rates while maximizing credit lines

• Singular focus: through systems, marketing, and operations, our programs drive long-term customer relationships that, in turn, grow our clients’ businesses

We are proud to partner with many of the country's leading brands, and of our industry-leading 98% client renewal rate.

One goal: driving sales.
Alliance Data Retail Services has been successfully managing co-brand programs since 2005. Our current roster of co-brand clients includes partners in the retail industry, as well as travel and entertainment, hospitality, oil and gas, and affinity markets.

We’re fond of explaining that we’re not really a bank... actually, we’re a marketing and loyalty company (that happens to own a bank). In fact, it’s because we are not a traditional bank that we’re uniquely qualified to serve our co-brand partners: we don’t offer checking accounts; we don’t worry about mortgages; we don’t spend our time talking about home equity or student loans. Instead, we’re busy growing our partners’ programs – not our own portfolio – and staying focused on driving sales by building lasting customer loyalty.

Our deep retail heritage has enabled us to hone unparalleled marketing expertise – another advantage we bring to our co-brand partners. Traditional banks don’t have the same experience or approach, or the invaluable acumen that comes from a background in retail marketing. Regardless of your industry, our solutions are built on a foundation of insights and “in the moment” marketing, designed to reach customers at the best time to influence their behavior.

Our ultimate objective for our co-brand partnerships is this: grow your business. We do that by attracting more customers, retaining more cardholders, and getting them to spend more, more often. Each of our co-brand programs is designed to reach customers at that precise moment – delivering an offer that gets them to “yes” and creating lasting loyalty. And we invest in the technology, innovation, communication, and underwriting capabilities needed to gain new cardholders and build long-term loyalty.

Know more. Sell more.® is the Alliance Data commitment. By knowing more about your customers, we can help you sell more. And by working together, we can surprise and delight our shared customers at every turn.